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Right Side Locating (RSL) is a compilation of Damage Prevention Specialists where our focus is to provide a full service approach to aid in the excavation environment.  As a Utility Consulting Group, we are Focused in assisting clients by offering a service to improve your company.

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Prepare – Preserve - Protect...Right Side Locating (RSL) provides an additional level of protection and efficiency for Contractors or Utilities. Our company offers a range of services like Project Management, Utility Locating, S.U.E., Planning & Design, and Damage Prevention/Representation. By establishing a relationship with our clients, we’re able to:

-   Minimize Downtime which occurs due to scheduling conflicts; that are beyond the control of project managers and their crews.

-  Increased Productivity by implementing a strategy during the pre-developmental stage of your projects that include verification of  active (and inactive) utilities…in advance of excavation.

- Decrease Cost and Liability through impeccable field services that protect its clients with Daily On-Site capabilities. We minimize the concern of “What underground utility has not been located, and will cost us downtime?”

- Responsible and Professional Representation. As a key component to our business model; RSL understands the importance of representing our clients in a positive and professional manner to the general public….and its peers.
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